Tripling Kelsey’s Business in Less Than a Month

The Challenge: Discover Kelsey, a determined entrepreneur whose business growth had hit a frustrating roadblock. She knew her potential was far greater, yet she struggled to translate her efforts into substantial results. Kelsey was in search of a strategy that could take her business to new heights while remaining budget-friendly. The Results: Enter Social Vision. […]

Revenue Growth with Commission Vision: $70K to $122K In 1 Month

The Challenge: Malek, a successful e-commerce entrepreneur, faced the challenge of stagnating revenue growth in his online business. Despite his best efforts, he was unable to break through the plateau and achieve the desired expansion. Seeking expert guidance to revitalize his marketing efforts, Malek turned to Social Vision for a solution. The Results: Within just […]

Transforming Results with Commission Vision: Achieving a 22.16x ROAS

The Challenge Karen, a jewelry store owner, faced a significant challenge in developing effective omnichannel marketing campaigns. Her primary focus was on profitability at the highest level while minimizing risks associated with marketing expenses. Having been burnt by many other agencies, Karen was skeptical about the effectiveness of Facebook ads for her brand. The Results […]